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Toy Miniature Schnauzer -A Loving And Loyal Companion

The toy Miniature Schnauzer is well known for its energy levels as well as its strong desire to be with its owner.

This dog is incredibly loving and makes an excellent companion for both families as well as individuals.

While this dog is able well-suited for living in cities and is ideal for living in apartments, it does require daily exercise through games and/or walks.

The toy Miniature Schnauzer is a very small dog.

These dogs usually reach only twelve to fourteen inches in height and will only weigh between thirteen and fifteen pounds.

Traditionally, this breed of dog was used for farming in southern Germany, where they were often utilized for catching rats as well as other small vermin on farms.

Today, the toy Miniature Schnauzer makes a good domestic pet and is often also seen in the show ring.

Many people find the toy Miniature Schnauzer to be somewhat similar in appearance to the Standard Schnauzer, with the primary difference being the smaller stature of the mini Schnauzer. This dog is fairly sturdy and is well-built with a square proportion.

The head is typically long while the black nose is large and the eyes are medium size with an oval shape.

The ears of the toy Miniature Schnauzer may be either cropped or-uncropped. The tail is typically docked to approximately one inch. The hair usually forms eyebrows as well as a beard on the face of the toy Miniature Schnauzer.

The coat of the toy Miniature Schnauzer may be one of three different variations. These variations include pure black, black and silver or salt and pepper. The toy Miniature Schnauzer may be groomed in one of two ways.

The coat may be stripped; which is commonly performed for show dogs. There is also a method that is lower-maintenance; which is cutting the coat fairly short with clippers. This often softens the coat and may cause it to turn to a silver shade.

If you are considering bringing home a toy Miniature Schnauzer you should know that grooming for this dog can be somewhat moderate. Weekly combing or brushing is required along with a grooming approximately every 2-3 months.

Along with grooming, you should anticipate spending a moderate amount of time training and exercising your toy Miniature Schnauzer. In addition, keep in mind that this dog is quite playful and will benefit greatly from loving attention.

Like many other miniature dog breeds, the toy Miniature Schnauzer is sometimes prone to certain health problems, including pancreatitis and bladder stones. Also, this dog breed may need to have their teeth cleaned annually, particularly if their teeth are not frequently brushed.

Breeders acting responsibly will usually screen for potential eye problems that include cataracts as well as PRA. While this can be a concern, there is not usually a high incidence of such problems occurring in this breed.

The personality of the toy Miniature Schnauzer makes it a wonderful addition for practically any household. While these dogs are energetic, affectionate and happy they can also be protective and alert. Provided that you give them the proper amount of obedience training and socialization, they can make excellent pets. Some do have a tendency to become somewhat aggressive with other animals, but this can be overcome with socialization early on.

These dogs do have a strong desire to be with their owners and do not do well when they are left along for long periods of time, as they may suffer from separation anxiety. For this reason as well, they may also not get along as well with strangers, although proper training can also help to overcome this problem.

The toy Miniature Schnauzer is typically very tolerant of other pets and dogs and as a result is a good fit for a home with multiple dogs. They are also usually quite good with children, provided they are raised with them from the time they are young.

Owners usually find this dog breed to be relatively easy to train and quite intelligent. The toy Miniature Schnauzer can also be a good watch dog and can be trained to bark as an alarm dog. Owners can expect this dog to have an average life expectancy of between thirteen to fifteen years.

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